Art Storage


For all material that will require specialized housing (e.g. too large for regular shelving).


Any material exceeding the maximum size for classing in folio call number.


The following guidelines are used when marking volumes for Art Storage.

  1. Mark on Yale bookplate when there is one, generally in the upper left corner.
  2. Mark on back cover, lower right hand corner, when there is no Yale bookplate unless cover is too dark.
  3. Mark on verso of last page, lower right hand corner, when 1 or 2 don’t apply. The lower left hand corner is the alternate location when the lower right hand corner is unusable.
  4. If the last page is unmarkable (e.g. too dark or shiny or filled with text or illustrations), mark the verso of the first usable page from the end.
  5. If there is no place to mark the call number, then mark the call number on the BLIPS and it will be added when the item is housed.


Use the next Art Storage call number taken from the “dummy record” in Orbis. Use the curatorial unit as the location in the same way that is done for other material.


852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h Art Storage ‡i 1005