Citing Names Not in Nominative Form

When citing names that do not appear in nominative form, use a mark of omission to indicate that the text that grammatically “explains” the non-nominative form has been omitted. Do this for usage on the item in hand as well as for usage found in bibliographic files or in reference sources. Create a variant access point from the nominative form of the name if it differs from the authorized access point. Do not make variant access points for non-nominative forms of names.

Note: Example 2 is illustrative of this guidance only; other aspects of the record do not necessarily conform to current NACO standards.

Example 1 (item in hand):

010     ‡a nr 00014724
040     ‡a CtY-BR ‡b eng ‡e rda ‡c CtY-BR ‡d DLC
046     ‡f 1640 ‡g 1716⁓ ‡2 edtf
100 1   ‡a Roman, Jacob Pietersz, ‡d 1640-approximately 1716
400 1   ‡w nnea ‡a Roman, Jacob Pietersz, ‡d 1640-ca. 1716
400 1   ‡a Romanus, Jacobus, ‡d 1640-approximately 1716
400 1   ‡a Romanus, Iacobus, ‡d 1640-approximately 1716
670     ‡a Petri Schenckii paradisus oculorum ... 1695?: ‡b t.p. (... Iacobi Romani architecti regii)
670     ‡a World. biog. index (WWW), 1 May 2000 ‡b (Roman, Jacob Pietersz; 1640-ca. 1716; architect)

Example 2 (usage from RLIN bib record):

010     ‡a nr 00033097
040     ‡a CtY-BR ‡b eng ‡c CtY-BR
100 1   ‡a Salmuth, Heinrich, ‡d 1522-1576
400 1   ‡a Salmuth, Henricus, ‡d 1522-1576
670     ‡a Hochzeit Predigten, 1582: ‡b t.p. (Herrn Heinrich Salmuth, seligen der heiligen Schrifft Doctorn vnd Professorn, weiland Pfarherrn vnd Superintendenten)
670     ‡a World biog. index, 18 Apr. 2000 ‡b (Salmuth, Heinrich; b. 1522; d. 1576; theologian)
670     ‡a RLIN, 18 Oct. 2000 ‡b (hdg.: Salmuth, Heinrich, 1522-1576; usage: ... Henrico Salmuth)

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