Imprecise Dates

Do not add imprecise dates (active dates or century dates) to access points unless they are needed to break a conflict with another heading. Active dates that appear in reference sources carry more weight than active dates constructed by catalogers. Prefer a range of active dates over a single active date whenever possible. You may record active dates in the 046 using ǂs and ǂt, following EDTF standards (detailed instructions are available in DCM Z1 046). Always record active or flourish dates found in reference sources in 670 citations; they may be needed later to break a conflict.

Note: Example 2 is illustrative of this guidance only; other aspects of the record do not necessarily conform to current NACO standards.

Example 1: Active dates added to break conflict with another access point already established without dates:

010     ‡a no 2009051467 ‡z nr 00034183
040     ‡a InU ‡b eng ‡e rda ‡c InU ‡d DLC
100 1   ‡a Lambert, Jean, ‡d active 1493-1514 or 1515
400 1   ‡a Lambert, Jehan, ‡d active 1493-1514 or 1515
400 1   ‡w nnea ‡a Lambert, Jean, ‡d fl. 1493-1514 or 15
400 1   ‡a Lambertus, Iohannes, ‡d active 1493-1514 or 1515
400 1   ‡a Lambertus, Johannes, ‡d fl. 1493-1514 or 1515
670     ‡a Buridan, J. Sophismata, between 1500-1503: ‡b colophon (...Iohanne[m] Lambert)
670     ‡a BM STC French 1470-1600: ‡b index (Lambert, Jean, Paris, 1493-1515?)
670     ‡a ISTC ‡b ib01296000 (Jean Lambert)
670     ‡a Proctor ‡b (Jean Lambert; nothing certain seems to be known of Lambert from 1493 until the beginning of the 16th cent.)
670     ‡a Florij Francisci Flore[n]tini d'amore Camilli et Emilie retinorum, 150-?: ‡b t.p. (Jehan Lambert)
670     ‡a World biog. index (WWW), 24 Oct. 2000 ‡b (Lambert, Jean; fl. 1493-1514; bookseller and printer)
670     ‡a RLIN, 27 Oct. 2000 ‡b (hdg.: Lambert, Jean, fl. 1493-1515; usage: ... Iohannis Lamberti)
675     ‡a Gallia typographica, 1911 ‡a Dict. biog. fran.


010     ‡a n  95057095
040     ‡a DLC ‡c DLC ‡d DLC ‡d NIC-Mu ‡d DLC ‡d Uk ‡d DGU-L ‡d DLC
100 1 0 ‡a Lambert, Jean
670     ‡a [Author of Lettres d'une autre Allemagne]
670     ‡a LCCN 57015191: His Lettres d'une autre Allemagne, 1953 ‡b (hdg.: Jean Lambert)
670     ‡a [Author of Les fongicides]
670     ‡a LCCN 72330203: His Les fongicides, 1970 ‡b (usage: Jean Lambert)
670     ‡a Bibl. nat. de Fr. Web OPAC, Dec. 4, 2001 ‡b (Lambert, Jean (1927?- ); ingénieur en chef au Centre de recherche de biologie appliquée à Roussel-UCLAF (en 1973), enseignant en sciences médicales (en 1983))
670     ‡a [Author of Une vision d'avenir pour une profession millénaire]
670     ‡a Une vision d'avenir pour une profession millénaire, c2003: ‡b t.p. (Me Jean Lambert, notaire) NLC CIP (Lambert, Jean)
670     ‡a [Editor of Societe civile, associations et pouvoir local au Yemen]
670     ‡a Societe civile, associations et pouvoir local au Yemen, 2008: ‡b t.p. (Jean Lambert)

Example 2: Flourish date recorded in 670 but not used as an active date in the heading because heading does not conflict:

010     ‡a nr 00031837
040     ‡a CtY-BR ‡b eng ‡c CtY-BR
100 1   ‡a Roviglione, Giovanni Giacomo
400 1   ‡a Roviglioni, Giacomo
400 0   ‡a Inviato
670     ‡a Orationi et discorsi, 1595: ‡b t.p. (Sig. Giacomo Roviglioni academico detto l'Inviato)
670     ‡a Indice biog. ital ‡b (Roviglione, Giovanni Giacomo; fl. 1595; professor of letters)

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