Imprint Tracings (MARC 700/710 and 752)

Printers, publishers and booksellers

Added entries for printers, publishers and booksellers are made for materials that fall into one of the categories listed below.

  • Imprints through 1600
  • American imprints through 1820
  • Connecticut imprints through 1850

In addition, catalogers may make added entries for printers, publishers and booksellers that do not meet the criteria above. Generally, do not remove added entries for printers, publishers or booksellers from records brought in from OCLC.

Form of name

Use the authorized form of the name as established in the Name Authority File. If an authorized form of the name does not appear in the name authority file, and the name requires an authorized form according to local YUL/NACO policies, establish the name using the instructions found in chapters 9 and 11 of RDA (including LC-PCC PS for In general the names of individual printers and booksellers are entered as a personal name (e.g. enter Printed by Isaiah Thomas as 700:1 :‡a Thomas, Isaiah, ‡d 1749-1831, ‡e printer). If there is clear evidence that a partnership is a formally established, stable entity, enter the phrase as a corporate body. In the absence of clear evidence that the relationship is a formal or legal partnership do not enter as a corporate body. Instead, establish the names of the various persons, and any related corporate body, separately. Make certain to add the appropriate relator term in subfield e.

See the Standard Reference Works page for a list of resources useful in establishing name authority records for printers, booksellers, and publishers.


264   1 ‡a Lugduni : ‡b Apud Seb. Gryphium, ‡c 1539.
700 1   ‡a Gryphius, Sebastianus, ‡d 1493-1556, ‡e bookseller.

264   1 ‡a Boston : ‡b Printed by Samuel Hall, in Cornhill, ‡c 1793.
700 1   ‡a Hill, Samuel, ‡d 1766?-1804, ‡e printer.

264   1 ‡a New Haven : ‡b Published by John Babcock & Son ; ‡a Charleston, S.C. : ‡b S. & W.R. Babcock ; ‡a Philadelphia : ‡b M’Carty & Davis, ‡c 1820
264   3 ‡a New Haven : ‡b Sidney’s Press.
710 2   ‡a John Babcock and Son, ‡e publisher.
710 2   ‡a S. & W.R. Babcock (Firm), ‡e publisher.
710 2   ‡a M’Carty & Davis, ‡e publisher.
710 2   ‡a Sidney’s Press, ‡e printer.

Hierarchical place names

Hierarchical place names are commonly used in special collections cataloging to provide access to the place of publication in a standardized form. Generally, record the name of the country (‡a), first order political division or state (‡b), and city (‡d), if this information is available. In certain instances, a city subsection (‡f) may also be recorded. Use the Name Authority File as the basis for the standardized form. In particular, the 781 field which shows the form of place name used in indirect subdivision. Not all of the elements for the standardized form will appear in a single authority record, however, so it may be necessary to assemble the standardized form from more than one record. Note: Hierarchical place names in field 752 may appear in records for serials, particularly newspapers, to indicate the name of the community served by the resource. Generally, do not remove 752s used in this way.


264   1 ‡a NYC
752     ‡a United States ‡b New York (State) ‡d New York.

264   1 ‡a Brooklyn
752     ‡a United States ‡b New York (State) ‡d New York ‡f Brooklyn.

264   1 ‡a Edinburgi
752     ‡a Scotland ‡d Edinburgh.

Provide hierarchical place name added entries (hereafter referred to as imprint tracings) for bibliographic records that have form/genre access points (except for some that are copy specific) and publication dates that meet the following criteria:

For publications that have a range of publication dates, or questionable dates, provide an imprint tracing if the range falls anywhere within the periods specified.

The 752 field is repeatable, but use judgement when recording multiple places of publication.

American Imprints

Imprint tracings should be given for items published the during date ranges specified in the chart below. Exception: The curator will indicate if a tracing for a later date is desired.

U.S. States Dates Tracing (add city in subfield ‡d)
Alabama to 1820; 1861-1865 ‡a United States ‡b Alabama
Alaska to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Alaska.
Arizona to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Arizona
Arkansas to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b Arkansas
California to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b California
Colorado to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Colorado
Connecticut to 1850 ‡a United States ‡b Connecticut
Delaware to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Delaware
District of Columbia See Washington D.C.  
Florida to 1820; 1861-1865 ‡a United States ‡b Florida
Georgia to 1820; 1861-1865 ‡a United States ‡b Georgia
Hawaii to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Hawaii
Idaho to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Idaho
Illinois to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Illinois
Indiana to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Indiana
Iowa to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b Iowa
Kansas to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b Kansas
Kentucky to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Kentucky
Louisiana to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b Louisiana
Maine to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Maine
Maryland to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Maryland
Massachusetts to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Massachusetts
Michigan to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Michigan
Minnesota to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b Minnesota
Mississippi to 1820; 1861-1865 ‡a United States ‡b Mississippi
Missouri to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b Missouri
Montana to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Montana
Nebraska to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b Nebraska
Nevada to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Nevada
New Hampshire to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b New Hampshire
New Jersey to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b New Jersey
New Mexico to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b New Mexico
New York to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b New York (State)
North Carolina to 1820; 1861-1865 ‡a United States ‡b North Carolina
North Dakota to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b North Dakota
Ohio to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Ohio
Oklahoma (includes Indian Territory) to 1907 ‡a United States ‡b Oklahoma
Oregon to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Oregon
Pennsylvania to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Pennsylvania
Rhode Island to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Rhode Island
South Carolina to 1820; 1861-1865 ‡a United States ‡b South Carolina
South Dakota to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b South Dakota
Tennessee to 1820; 1861-1865 ‡a United States ‡b Tennessee
Texas to 1865 ‡a United States ‡b Texas
Utah to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Utah
Vermont to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Vermont
Virginia to 1820; 1861-1865 ‡a United States ‡b Virginia
Washington, D.C. to 1820 ‡a United States ‡d Washington (D.C.)
Washington (State) to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Washington (State)
West Virginia to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b West Virginia
Wisconsin to 1820 ‡a United States ‡b Wisconsin
Wyoming to 1890 ‡a United States ‡b Wyoming

Mexican Imprints

Heirarchical place name added entries are given for items published in Mexico to 1865.

Mexican States Tracing (add city in subfield ‡d)
Aguascalientes ‡a Mexico ‡b Aguascalientes (State)
Baja California ‡a Mexico ‡b Baja California (State)
Baja California Sur ‡a Mexico ‡b Baja California Sur
Campeche ‡a Mexico ‡b Campeche (State)
Chiapas ‡a Mexico ‡b Chiapas
Chihuahua ‡a Mexico ‡b Chihuahua (State)
Coahuila ‡a Mexico ‡b Coahuila (State)
Colima ‡a Mexico ‡b Colima (State)
Distrito Federal See: Mexico City
Durango ‡a Mexico ‡b Durango (State)
Guanajuato ‡a Mexico ‡b Guanajuato (State)
Guerro ‡a Mexico ‡b Guerrero (State)
Hidalgo ‡a Mexico ‡b Hidalgo (State)
Jalisco ‡a Mexico ‡b Jalisco
Mexico ‡a Mexico ‡b Mexico (State)
Mexico City ‡a Mexico ‡d Mexico City
Michoacán de Ocampo ‡a Mexico ‡b Michoacán de Ocampo
Morelos ‡a Mexico ‡b Morelos (State)
Nayarit ‡a Mexico ‡b Nayarit
Nuevo León ‡a Mexico ‡b Nuevo León (State)
Oaxaca ‡a Mexico ‡b Oaxaca (State)
Puebla ‡a Mexico ‡b Puebla (State)
Querétaro ‡a Mexico ‡b Querétaro (State)
Quintana Roo ‡a Mexico ‡b Quintana Roo (State)
San Luis Potosí ‡a Mexico ‡b San Luis Potosí (State)
Sinaloa ‡a Mexico ‡b Sinaloa (State)
Sonora ‡a Mexico ‡b Sonora (State)
Tabasco ‡a Mexico ‡b Tabasco (State)
Tamaulipas ‡a Mexico ‡b Tamaulipas (State)
Tlaxcala ‡a Mexico ‡b Tlaxcala (State)
Veracruz ‡a Mexico ‡b Veracruz-Llave (State)
Yucatán ‡a Mexico ‡b Yucatán (State)
Zacatecas ‡a Mexico ‡b Zacatecas (State)

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