List of locally created collections

The following collections are entered as local added entires (710) in the bibliographic record. The collection name is recorded in ‡a, followed by the qualifier: (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library). Part names for collections, if applicable, are recorded in ‡b. The field ends with: ‡5 CtY-BR. Note: ‡b is preceded by a period even when a closing parenthesis is present; ‡5 is preceded by a closing parenthesis or a period.

710 2    ‡a Dutch Counterculture Collection (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library). ‡b Kabouters. ‡5 CtY-BR
  • Anselm Hollo Library
  • Broadway Play Publishing Collection
  • Claudia Rankine Collection of The Racial Imaginary Institute
  • Collection of Hardie Gramatky
  • David Alan Richards Collection of Archibald MacLeish
  • David Alan Richards Collection of Stephen Vincent Benét
  • Donald Windham and Sandy Campbell Library
  • Dutch Counterculture Collection
    Knust Press
  • Edwin Pugsley Collection of Firearms Trade Catalogs
  • Grenfell Press Collection
  • Indie Photobook Library/Larissa Leclair Collection
  • John Winston Graham Aeronautical Collection
  • Jonathan Dodd Collection of Edward Albee, Stephen Sondheim, and Tennessee Williams
  • Katherina von Fraunhofer-Kosinski Collection of Jerzy Kosinski
  • Onitsha Market Literature Collection
  • Peter Burton Collection
  • Peter Burton Collection of Robin Maugham
  • Peter Burton Collection of Beverley Nichols
  • Peter E. Palmquist Photography Collection
  • Riewert Tode Collection of German Student Movements and Counter-Culture
  • Samuel R. Delany Library
    Literary Contacts Library
    Reading Library
    Working Library
  • Sasha Lurye Collection
  • Vale Zines Collection
  • Walter L. Pforzheimer Collection of Frank Richard Stockton
  • Walter L. Pforzheimer Intelligence Collection
  • William Nightingale Yale 1953 Cartoon Book Collection