The following procedures are used when cataloging materials that are to be shelved at LSF. These procedures may supercede instructions found elsewhere in the manual.


The default shelving location for newly cataloged materials is LSF. To determine if materials should be shelved at Beinecke, follow the guidelines located on the list of material to be shelved at 121 Wall.  

Location Codes

Newly cataloged materials going to LSF are given Technical Services “in process” location codes in subfield b of the 852 field in the MFHD. When the materials arrive at LSF the loctions codes in the MFHD and the Perm-Loc in the item records will be updated to the corresponding LSF codes by LSF staff.

Beinecke code TS code LSF code Curatorial areas and collections
beints lsfbeir General, General name collections, Reference, Stack Reference and SML transfers to Beinecke LSF
beinycal beintsa lsfbeiar American Literature, JWJ and YCAL name collections
beinycgl beintsg lsfbeigr German Literature and Speck
beinosb beintso lsfbeior Osborn
beinwa beintsw lsfbeiwr Western Americana


Analytics and Serial “bound-withs”

For MFHDs attached to “guest” bibliographic records (with the 856 links that point to “host” records) use the LSF location codes. Because there are no associated item records, these MFHDs will not be updated by LSF staff. The MHFDs for “host” bibliographic records, however, will use the TS locations codes, as these are associated with items records and will be updated by LSF staff.

Serial and Multipart Adds

When adding to a serial or multipart that is already at LSF, do not change the location code. Instead, change the Perm_Loc of the new item record(s) to the corresponding TS location code. The item Perm-Loc will be changed to the LSF code by LSF staff.

Paging From 121 Wall For Comparison

When paging material from Beinecke for comparison with a uncataloged item in hand, follow the following steps:

  1. Page item in Aeon as usual
  2. After comparison is complete, “Request Finish” Aeon transaction
  3. Determine if item satisfies criteria for transfer to LSF
  4. If item qualifies for transfer to LSF, email Stacks Manager at Beinecke to let him/her know that the item will be transferred. Include the call number and Aeon transaction number.

The intent is for the out card to be removed from the stacks.

Item Records

Create item records for newly cataloged material following standard Beinecke procedures using the Item_Type “nocirc.” The item type will be changed to “lsfr” by Beinecke staff at time of physcial transfer to LSF. When creating item records that add to existing Benecke copies of serials or multiparts already at LSF, follow the additional step listed above under “Serial and Multipart adds.”

Special Requirements

Materials going to LSF must be housed in a protective enclosure (e.g., gaylords, boxes) that is barcoded.