Phonograph Records

Phonograph records present a particular housing problem because of their fragility.  If improperly stored, they can easily warp and become unplayable.  It has therefore been decided that phonograph records from the General Collection, Western Americana, and the Yale Collection of American Literature* will be consolidated and housed according to size.  There will be 2 sets of three call numbers. One set will be used for boxes that house the standard 7, 10 and 12” size records. The other set will be used for items that are not the standard sizes (eg. records issued in containers other than standard cardboard or paper sleeves, or with accompanying material).  Custom housing may have to be made for non-standard size material. All standard 12” laser discs should be classed with the standard 12” phonographs.

Single Standard size phonograph records

  • 2009 +S81 (for 7-inch discs)
  • 2012 +S130 (for 10-inch discs)
  • 2009 +S82 (for 12-inch discs)

Non-standard size phonograph records

  • 2018 S22 (for octavo-sized record containers)
  • 2012 +S128 (for quarto-sized record containers)
  • 2018 Folio S9 (for folio-sized phonograph record containers)

Each title cataloged will receive a sequential call number at the end of the appropriate call number: 2009 +S81 1, 2009 +S81 2, 2009 +S81 3, etc. Search the call number to determine the next available sequential number. Use the location code (beingen, beinwa, beinycal) for the appropriate curatorial area

Shelving accompanying phonograph records separately

In some situations, it may be preferable not to shelve phonograph records with accompanying material; for example, if they would have to lie flat. To shelve phonograph records separately, create an additional MFHD for the phonograph record using one of the call numbers above (from the ‘single standard sizes’ if in a standard cardboard or paper sleeve, or the ‘non-standard size’ if anything other than the standard cardboard or paper sleeve). Add a local note stating that the phonograph record has been shelved elsewhere.

Item 1 (monograph)

852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h 2012 ‡i 999

Item 2 (phonograph)

852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h 2009 ‡i +S81 25 ‡z Phonograph record only

Local note on bib. record:

590     ‡b BEIN 2012 999: Accompanying phonograph record separately shelved as: 2009 +S81 25.

*Obsolete practice: YCAL phonograph records used to be classed under Za8 P and Zan8 P. The use of those call numbers has been discontinued, and items previously classed there have been reclassed to the above call numbers.

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