Prepublication Copies

Publishers frequently distribute forthcoming books prior to publication in several ways. Proof copies are preliminary versions meant for review by authors, editors, and proofreaders. Advance reading copies (or advance review copies, advance reader’s editions, advance copies, or reader’s editions) are free copies of a new book distributed by a publisher before the book is printed for mass distribution. Quite often, the extent and content of the prepublication copies differ from the published versions. In most cases, separate records should be made for each printing.

For prepublication copies that match descriptions of published copies, and no further visible differences exist (e.g. different dust jacket/cover), use judgement when deciding to create a separate record. If a separate record is not created, always note in the local note the type of copy being added (e.g. “Review copy” sticker on front cover of published copy).

When creating separate records, always include an edition statement indicating the pre-publication state of a resource; for example:

250     ‡a Advance reader’s copy.
250     ‡a Uncorrected page proof.
250     ‡a [Advance uncorrected proofs]

In addition to an edition statement, always provide a note explaining their nature and purpose.

500     ‡a Advance reader’s copy of book published in 2014 by Wendy Lamb Books.

Always provide the appropriate genre/form term.

  • Proofs. ‡2 rbmscv
  • Advance copies. ‡2 rbmscv
  • Review copies. ‡2 rbmscv