Substitutions and Withdrawals

Standard Yale procedures are followed insofar as possible except in the case of substitutions of one Beinecke copy for another.

Beinecke Technical Services will send the copy being substituted together with the copy being withdrawn. If they haven’t done so, the Rare Book Team member should:

  • fill out a call slip requesting the copy being withdrawn
  • set aside the copy being substituted until the other copy arrives
  • tie both copies together with a pink string, and
  • put them on a marked shelf for a cataloger

On the copy being withdrawn, cross out the call number in pencil.

On the copy being substituted, add the call number in pencil. The same call number should be used unless instructed otherwise.

In the copy holdings record, add a local processing note in 852 ‡x. The local processing note includes the following information: 1) Substituted 2) old location and call number if available; 3) processing unit/individual’s initials 4) processing date in the format of MM/YYYY.

852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h Ib55 ‡i 779jb ‡x Substituted; rbt/jmg  11/2000.
852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h 2000 ‡i S55 ‡x Substituted & recl. from BEIN Stack Ref. Z1020 B45 1972 (LC); rbt/sry 10/1999.

In the bibliographic record, update the copy-specific notes and tracings to reflect the new copy.

The record should not be re-exported to the utilities. In statistics, count the substitution as both an added copy and as a withdrawn item.