Citing “Name Not Given” vs. “Usage Not Shown”

If the name being established does not appear in the item being cataloged, create a 675 citation, following the instructions in DCM Z1 675.* If the name appears on the item, but is copy-specific (e.g., a bookplate or inscription), see Citing Copy-Specific Usage. If there is a need to cite a dealer’s description accompanying an item, see Citing Dealers’ Descriptions.

When citing a bibliographic file, such as OCLC, citing usage (i.e., the name as it appears on the cataloged resource) isn’t required. However, if no usage is given and you wish to make this explicit, record the phrase “usage not shown” in the 670 following the access point.

Note: Example 2 is illustrative of this guidance only; other aspects of the record do not necessarily conform to current NACO standards.

*Previously, the rules called for creating a 670 with the note “name not given” in ‡b. Many special collections catalogers at other institutions still follow this practice. However, YUL policy in this case is to follow DCM Z1, and the decision has been made for BDU to align with YUL.

Example 1 (name not given, using 675):

010     ‡a no2022010154
040     ‡a CtY-BR ‡b eng ‡e rda ‡c CtY-BR
046     ‡f 1902-07-15 ‡g 1971-09-12 ‡2 edtf
100 1   ‡a Campbell, George, ‡d 1902-1971
370     ‡a Springfield (Ill). ‡b New York (N.Y.) ‡c United States ‡2 naf
373     ‡a United States. Navy ‡2 naf
374     ‡a Novelists ‡2 lcsh
374     ‡a Sailors ‡a Painters ‡2 lcdgt
375     ‡a Males ‡2 lcdgt
377     ‡a eng
400 1   ‡a Campbell, George W., ‡d 1902-1971
400 1   ‡a Campbell, George William, ‡d 1902-1971
670     ‡a Navy History and Heritage Command, website, accessed 15 December 2021: ‡b KN-700 Noord Americaaniche Flage (George W. Campbell, USN, 1902-1971) ‡u
670     ‡a Navy History and Heritage Command, website, accessed 15 December 2021: ‡b George William Campbell, 15 July 1902- (born in Springfield, Illinois on July 15, 1902, son of A.D. and Anna M. Campbell; midshipman at US Naval Academy 1922-1926; author of fiction and non-fiction) ‡u
670     ‡a New York Times, September 13, 1971, digital surrogate accessed 5 January 2022: ‡b page 40 (Capt. George Campbell; graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1957; published Cry for happy in 1958; died at home in New York City on 12 September 1971) ‡u
670     ‡a OCLC, 5 January 2022 ǂb (access point: George Campbell, 1902-; usage: George Campbell)
675     ‡a Noord Americaaniche Flage, 1959

Example 2 (usage not shown):

010     ‡a nr 00010259
040     ‡a CtY-BR ‡b eng ‡c CtY-BR
100 1   ‡a Gevaerts, Jean-Gaspard, ‡d 1593-1666
400 1   ‡a Gevartius, Casperius, ‡d 1593-1666
400 1   ‡a Gevaerts, Jan Gaspard, ‡d 1593-1666
400 1   ‡a Geuartius, Casperius, ‡d 1593-1666
400 1   ‡a Gevart, ‡d 1593-1666
670     ‡a Icones imperatorum Romanorum, 1645: ‡b t.p. (... Casperii Gevartii I.C. archigrammataei Antuerpiani, & historiographi Caesarei)
670     ‡a Biographie nationale ‡b (Gevaerts, Jean-Gaspard; b. 6 Aug. 1593 Antwerp, Belgium; d. 23 Mar. 1666 Antwerp, Belgium; philologist and poet)
670     ‡a RLIN, 24 Mar. 2000 ‡b (hdg.: Gevaerts, Jan Gaspard, 1593-1666; usage: Casperius Geuartius; Gevart)
670     ‡a LC in RLIN, 24 Mar. 2000 ‡b (hdg: Gevaerts, Jean Gaspard, 1593-1666; usage not shown)

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