Lee Friedlander Collection

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This is a collection of most, if not all, published works containing the photographs of Lee Friedlander.


There are no size boundaries since this collection is going to LSF.

Marking and call tags/labels

The following guidelines are used when marking volumes for the Lee Friedlander Collection:

  1. Mark on Yale bookplate when there is one, generally in the upper left corner.
  2. Mark on back cover, lower right hand corner, when there is no Yale bookplate unless cover is too dark.
  3. Mark on verso of last page, lower right hand corner, when 1 or 2 don’t apply. The lower left hand corner is the alternate location when the lower right hand corner is unusable.
  4. If the last page is unmarkable (e.g. too dark or shiny or filled with text or illustrations), mark the verso of the first usable page from the end

Do not print call tags since the collection is going to LSF. All Volumes sent to LSF will be in protective housing.

NOTE: Do not mark call number on original wrappers.


The Lee Friedlander collection is part of the Yale General Americana Collection and is classed as a name collection and uses a sequential number.

Monographs of all sizes ‡b beingen ‡h Friedlander ‡i 8
Serials of all sizes ‡b beingen ‡h Friedlander ‡i S4

Special notes, series, subjects and tracings

  • Make topical subject and genre headings as appropriate.
  • Make appropriate copy specific local tracings for provenance. Always make an ex libris note for the Lee Friedlander papers. Make a local name tracing for ownership, if there is no physical evidence of ownership. Make the appropriate provenance tracing, if there is evidence of ownership.Always make an author added entry for Lee Friedlander, regardless of evidence of his contributions.

Example of book with no physical evidence of ownership:

590     ‡a BEIN Friedlander 11: From the Lee Friedlander Papers.
692 1 4 ‡a Friedlander, Lee ‡x Ownership.
700 1   ‡a Friedlander Lee.